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Welcome Friend to my humble lair. I am a Professional Senior Creative Technologist from Finland. I am a millennial just like our Prime Minister. My hobbies are Music, Programming and Painting. My motto is "kokeilemalla selviää".

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Put some on while you browse!

I write and produce music sometimes. I put some music here sometimes maybe. Even though I have performed also 3 DJ-sets during my life, I am not a DJ. These three DJ-sets available here are too unlicensed and wrong kind even for Mixcloud so I have made them available here in my HomePage (don't rat me out!!).

The Art Of Cacophony pt. II (Mashup DJ-set)

26 minutes of Finnish pop hits mashed up with neurofunk at online stream in Jun 2020.
"Yeah!" –Hongos Longos

1. Kimmo Pohjonen Skin - Sensitive skin
Mustan Sepon tajunnanvirtaa
2. Matti Esko - Rekkamies
Mizo - Mechanical Paw (Joe Ford Remix)
3. Vesa-Matti Loiri - Kaksi lensi yli käenpesän
the empath - Unknown Subject (16PNT Remix)
4. Hanna Ekola - Villihevosia
Broken Note - Parabolic Hex
5. Leevi and The Leavings - En tahdo sinua enää
Aghast! - Laid Out In Red (Babylons P & TGR Remix)
6. Maustetytöt - Viidestoista päivä
Billain & Kodin - Exobiota
7. Nylon Beat - Rakastuin mä looseriin
Phace - Obscure
Rolar, Neonlight - Enter

The Art Of Cacophony pt. I (Mashup DJ-set)

20 minutes of Finnish pop hits mashed up with neurofunk at Sivulavat III Festival in Feb 2020.
"Wow" –Nisa Soraya

Intro: O. E. Hakasalo - Rentoutus ja ohjaaminen hypnoottiseen tilaan
1. Tapio Rautavaara - Juokse sinä humma
Prolix - Mindset
2. Timo Turunen - Minä olen muistanut
Emperor - From Ashes
3. Nisa Soraya - Anna rakas raju hetki
Billain - Metal Jaws
4. Dingo - Levoton tuhkimo
Saimaa - Levoton tuhkimo (Live)
Phace - Beyond number
Phonetick - Cyberpunk
5. Noitalinna huraa! - Pikkuveli
PMMP - Pikkuveli
Maztek - Bass Drop
6. SANNI - Tahdon rakastella sinua
Rawtekk - Repulsion (Reloaded)
SIXIS - Contact
Search & Destroy - Iron Man

President of Deep State (Online live gig)

Clip from live gig at Random Records 10th Anniversary (stream event) in Nov 2020.
"I take my pants off." –Vlad

Spooky Action at a Distance (Mashup DJ-set)

Mashing up weird stuff at Hempaattinen hemp farm headquarters in Oct 2019. Like 1 hour maybe.

1. Daniel Hope - Johann Paul Von Westhoff, Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin: Sonata For Violin And Continuo III, Arranged by Christian Badzura: Imitazione delle Campane
Ryoji Ikeda - Data.matrix
2. Arvo Pärt - Tabula Rasa II. Silentium (live)
Ryoji Ikeda - Data.matrix
Alva Noto - Uni Syc
3. Beethoven - Piano Sonata No. 14, Op. 27, No. 2
Kangding Ray - Nine
Frank Bretschneider - Mean.streak
Grischa Lichtenberger - 001 Hern
4. Max Richter - Vivaldi: The Four Seasons Concerto No. 1, Op. 8, RV 269, "Spring" (La primavera) recomposed
Ryoji Ikeda - Supercodex 08
5. Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire
Ryoji Ikeda - Supercodex 08
Ryoji Ikeda - Test Pattern 1011
6. O. Inha - Simanaiset II
Grischa Lichtenberger - 0811_09_Re_0611_29_lv_1b
7. Gidon Kremer, Philip Glass - Concerto For Violin and Orchestra 2. = Ca. 108
Ø (Mika Vainio) - Syvyydessä kimallus
Alva Noto - Obi One
8. Byetone - Plastic Star
Autechre - Gantz Graf
IKU - Emotion (Qebo remix)
9. Bolshoi Theatre Violin Ensemble - Rimsky-Korsakov: Op. 57 Flight of the bumblebee
Alva Noto - U_09-0
10. Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera
Alva Noto - U_09-0
11. Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole - Over The Rainbow (O. Inha remix)

More music coming soon!


Professionally I design and manufacture THE INTERNET. I have designed and developed many wonders of the Internet (and print) for many interesting companies, including The Body Shop, MTV, Indiska, Merck Records, Orion, Fonal Records, Helmi Levyt, Ruohonjuuri, Posti, Sanoma, Kalevala Koru, and many, many more! However, the programming zone of my personal HomePage is dedicated to my recent experimental spare-time haphazard programmings. This is a hobby which I utilize in all my other hobbies, even painting!

Programmed/majorly updated in 2021

Website to follow, browse and read parliamentary documents of the Finnish parliament.

/k/ id api

API to generate human-readable IDs.

Painting Stoner

Tool for optimizing projector guided painting.

More info & source code!

FinnStonks - Personal Equity Portfolio Monitor

Turns your stock purchases and sales data as well as followed tickers into a customizable, clean equity portfolio value & ticker monitor using real-time market data.

More info & source code!

Programmed/majorly updated in 2020


Personal notes board supporting rich content.

More info & source code!

Yule fire

Calm relaxing fireplace atmosphere. Cast to television.

Random Seq

Generates randomized sequences from chords and saves as MIDI, ready to be drag n dropped into your DAW.


More info & source code!

Neural Dialogue Audiolizer

Turns textual dialogue (interview, chat) between two individuals into spoken audio dialogue using neural networks.


More info & source code!

Sloppy Butchery

Various Jupyter notebooks for many sorts of audio slicing madness.


More info & source code!

Sloppy Noto

Developed to turn data from NASA and ESA spacecrafts into audio. Eats any large numeric data.


More info & source code!

Live microlooper engine

This really has nothing to do with programming, but I'll leave it here anyway. A Reaktor ensemble that triggers a very short recording and loops it, whenever set input (mic) volume threshold is passed.

Illuminati Finder

Find solid proof of world-wide Illuminati control from images.

More info & source code!

Online event venue, that is not just a streaming platform. Simulates real life event in good and bad by design: no access without showing your face (camera requirement) like in real life events, no ability to mute the stage or keep it visible while you go see your friends, etc. Basically like Google Hangouts/Meet with a stage. Runs on its own p2p WebRTC and local RTMP solution, making it 100% independent of any third party services.


Set of frequently used things for O. Inha's Colab notebooks.

More info & source code!

Neural Stem Separation

This is just a Jupyter Notebook with a few additions to separate stems e.g. directly from Youtube video using Deezer Spleeter neural network.

More info & source code!

Multi-Neural Super Resolution

Jupyter Notebook that combines various superres neural networks into one super-superres system.

More info & source code!

FB Most Recent Chrome Extension

Chrome extension that keeps your Facebook News Feed in Most Recent view forever (as opposed to Top Stories).

More info & source code!

Programmed/majorly updated in 2019

Neural Colorization

Jupyter Notebook for having a neural network (DeOldify) colorize a directory of old photos.

More info & source code!

Neural Style Transfer

Jupyter Notebook for standard image style transfer using neural networks.

More info & source code!

HSL Stop Departures

Minute countdowns to vehicles at any given public transportation stop operated by Helsinki Region Transport (HSL).

More info & source code!


Jupyter Notebook for WaveNet at 44.1 kHz

More info & source code!


Jupyter Notebook for SampleRNN at 44.1 kHz

More info & source code!

Programmed/majorly updated in 2018


Audio player website that crawls Soundcloud for suomisaundi.


I like birds and hands and stuff. Everything is for sale! E-mail me at if interested.
More coming soon!!

Acrylic on canvas, 60 × 140 cm.
Acrylic on canvas, 61 × 50 cm.
Acrylic on canvas, 61 × 50 cm.
Acrylic on canvas, 61 × 71 cm.


Here are some photos of my life.

Here I am Spider Man.
Made a nice food!
Some of my groceries.
Me in my studio.
Playing some of my music to people in Israel.
At a cruise to Tallinn.
Having a laugh with an old friend!
My Aura.
Playing some of my music to people at the last Dance of Shiva.
At Rednex' concert.
Here is the inside of my eyes.
This is how my face looks when I'm in a photo with a Japanese person. Here with good friends Miho and Michika.
Sustainable transportation.
Building an instrument here.
Autumn colours.
Playing some of my music to people at Basso Club!
Box of Folke West's old studio tapes under my bed.
Hacking in Tokyo with good friends DJ Sharaku and Tim Thick.
Here is a huge painting of me by good friend A. Karttunen.
Playing some of my music to people at a birthday party somewhere in Israel!
Playing the guitar and having fun!
Crying with bae.
Playing some of my music to people in Studio Cube 326, Tokyo. Here also a good friend, actor Mitsu from Last Samurai, doing a dance on stage.
Having a good time!
Here licking some rocks in the beautiful Lapland.
Playing some of my music to some people at Kosmos Festival.
Playing some of my music to people in Sublime, Tel Aviv.


Many don't know that I am also a TV Personality, so here are some snapshots of my career in television!

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